Executive Search

We offer both contingency recruitment and retained search.

Contingency – Low risk approach to recruitment suitable for mid-level hires where there are no confidentiality issues and where the client had low to moderate numbers of vacancies. This approach is almost always successful provided we are engaged on an exclusive basis.

Retained – In this instance a small commencement fee is payable. In return the client will get a dedicated account manager who will be responsible for the entire recruitment process. This approach is recommended where there are confidentiality issues and/or when the role is of a level where a committed and focused partnership between us and the client is advisable.

Recruitment Outsourcing

This compelling service is most suitable for clients who need to recruit a number of people and who lack the in-house manpower necessary to source candidates and manage the process. A start-up, a new regional office, overloaded with requirements or just not ready to engage your own in-house team. In these examples we would step in and the fill the void. We operate as part of your own team, reporting to you and the hiring managers and maintain a visible presence in meetings as a de facto part of your organisation. We can fill all of your open requisitions across APAC, including sourcing candidates, screening and short-listing regardless of source. We engage with the hiring teams and manage all of the logistics for interviews, feedback and decision to hire or not hire. We can even manage your internal candidate tracking systems. This service is so cost effective and efficient that many of our clients have stayed with us for years.

They include:

Reputational Due Diligence

In partnership with our associated company Lyriant Advisory we can offer a comprehensive due diligence package on any prospective employees. This includes a comprehensive portfolio on the individual including up to 6 conversations with people who have worked closely with the candidate. Such reference sources are not supplied by the candidate.  

Our Clients

Over the years we have been proud to work with most major companies in the technology sector among others.

He is a representative list of our client companies:

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