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DP Search History 1990 to present

DP Search was founded in April 1990 by Andrew Sansom, Rosemary Chisholm and William Hernstadt. Andrew and Rosemary had collaborated together previously when Andrew was at Deloitte and Rosemary was running a global mainframe sales and leasing organisation. William was welcomed to the team as an investor. The company was formed at a time when commercial computing was still in its infancy in Singapore and many global companies had yet to arrive on the scene. There was barely a small handful of specialist recruitment companies at that time. DP Search was perfectly positioned to become a de facto recruiter of choice for the explosive growth in IT vendors, users, systems integrators, software companies and consulting firms, as new entrants and established 

companies competed for scarce human resources. The company established itself as a major force in the local recruitment sector. In 1993 the company opened an office in Kuala Lumpur. 


In 2000 DP Search merged with KPMG’s executive search team and briefly traded as Kapient. After the dot com meltdown in 2001/2002 KPMG refocused  to their core professional activities and Rosemary and Andrew acquired the assets of the company and rebranded as DP Search. As the global economy survived successive SARS and economic crises, so DP Search gained traction in the recovering years. 

The current scale of operation is more focused than during the peak years in the late 90s and early 00s but the DNA of the company survives and continues to provide world-class search capabilities with a highly experienced team.