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Executive Search Consultants

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From the first conversation you will realise that we know what we are doing. We have been doing it since 1990.

We are all seasoned professionals in our own right. We have been hiring managers, HR practitioners, sales leaders. We have had to make those decisions to hire or not to hire. This experience in the job has primed us perfectly for our role as executive searchers. Our clients benefit from this front line of screening expertise, saving time and ensuring that no good candidate is left out of consideration. Our coverage is for the entire APAC region, including Japan.


DP Search History 1990 to present

DP Search was founded in April 1990 by Andrew Sansom, Rosemary Chisholm and William Hernstadt. Andrew and Rosemary had collaborated together previously when Andrew was at Deloitte and Rosemary was running a global mainframe sales and leasing organisation. William was welcomed to the team as an investor. The company was formed at a time when commercial computing was still in its infancy in Singapore and many global companies had yet to arrive on the scene. There was barely a small handful of specialist recruitment companies at that time.


What We Do

Executive Search. From sourcing, screening, to stack-ranking and giving informed and insightful opinions on candidates. Our decades long experience gives us the edge. We manage the end-to end process from initial briefing with the client, through candidate sourcing, pre-screening, short-list preparation and arranging client/candidate interviews. We assist with the offer process and reference checking if required. Our coverage is for the entire APAC region, including Japan.

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